Main Yard:
1281 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11237
office: (718) 786-7777
fax: (718) 472-3575


Feldman Lumber is committed to safety, and as part of our commitment, we are a member of the National Safety Council. All of our employees go through regular training to ensure a safe workplace.

“I am personally committed to the continued improvement of Feldman Lumber’s safety performance, and I provide all of the resources needed to promote and effectively implement all aspects of our Safety Plan, ensuring that our Safety Committee is consulted and involved at all times. In return, I insist that everybody works in a way which presents no risk to themselves or others. Our supervisors instill a positive attitude and safety awareness in their workers through personal adherence and training. Each employee learns and obeys safety practices and rules as a condition of employment. I expect that all employees give health and safety equal consideration with all other business functions.

I believe that healthy and safe working conditions and practices are vital to achieving business excellence. I conduct our business in a way that presents no apparent risk of injury or ill health to its employees, suppliers, visitors or customers. With all employees doing their part, including acting safely and encouraging others to do the same, improved safety at Feldman Lumber is being achieved."

Kenneth Feldman
Vice President